About Johnny

I am so glad you looked into this site, and pray that you will be blessed by what you can find here!

Not raised in a Church I still heard gospel stories in my early school years and from my grandma. As a teenager I called myself atheist, but after some years of existential struggles and seeking I started to believe in God’s existence at nineteen. Two years later I received Jesus as Saviour and was born again!

At that point I was supposed to start my career, but instead I just found myself drawn to volunteer in Church. After a couple of month I was hired as youth leader and while working in Church I just knew that it was there were I belonged.

That same year I also meet Aasa, my wife to be, for the first time. We have now been companions in marriage for thirty-five years. We have one son and two daughters and three grandchildren so far.

The Lord put me on fast track and only two years after my salvation I was aware of his call to preach the Word. Already during my first year of ministry I was drawn toward teaching. I became so aware of the importance to build a solid foundation in every individual so they could walk their own walk with God and also be able to serve others. It became more and more obvious to me that teaching was to be the primary focus in the ministry.

Five years later I joined a brand new Bible school, Word of Life, Uppsala Sweden, and became one of the teachers on staff. I still work there as teacher and after more than thirty years I can truly say that I am as motivated as ever to teach God’s word!

Besides working in Bible School I have also travelled extensively and have had the privilege to minister in forty some countries, “from L.A. to Shanghai”. I have altogether been teaching more than twenty thousand Bible School students and have been participating in seminars, conferences and regular services as well.

In recent years a new opportunity for ministry has opened up through the Swedish Christian TV channel “Kanal 10”, where I weekly host a teaching program called “Öppen bibel” in Swedish.

Some year ago Kanal 10 extended their vision by opening “Channel 10 Asia”, which covers a vast area from Middle East all the way to Korea. An English version of my program “Open Bible” will be broadcasted.

So, that was a lot about my work for the Kingdom. If you are curious about whom the person behind is, let me tell you a little bit about my interests. First of all I enjoy a lot to be with my family, I enjoy cooking and is really the “chef” in our home. I like to travel and see places of interest and specially spending time by the sea. I love the view of the sea horizon!

I am fond of reading and try to read different kind of books in order to expand my views. Already in childhood I was fascinated by all forms of history and could easily be drawn away in my fantasy. I think I am much of a cultural person. I mean I like beautiful architecture and interior design, like that found in old castles and mansions. I also like art. The Impressionists and especially Monet are my favourites. So my children think they have had more than enough of visiting castles and museums during their upbringing.

When it comes to music I listen a lot to the classical genre. I prefer the Baroque era, were I think the all time genius J. S. Bach is outstanding. But of course I also listen to contemporary jazz, pop and worship music.

Since my teenage years I have also nurtured an interest in equipment used in home for music reproduction, that is “HiFi gear”.

Well, that was a shortlist of what I am fond of doing in my free time, but the most important above all is that Jesus searched me and found me and saved me!