Livets Ord Bibelcenter (Word of Life Bible Centre)

LOBC has been my working place for over thirty years! So, why is Bible School important? For a long time I have been convinced that the only way God’s purpose to save the world can be fulfilled, is if everyone in the body of Christ would do the works of Jesus. No person or single organisation can do it alone, but if we all join together in the whole world we can do it!

Everyone is not called into full time ministry, but everyone is called to do the works of Jesus (John 14:12-17)! How can that be? When the Sprit was poured out upon the young and old, male and female, a new time started. From then on we are all purposed to live and work in the supernatural realm through the Holy Spirit. Just read through the book of Acts and you can’t miss it!

For that reason I believe that every believer needs to be trained and equipped in order to fulfil God’s purpose for them. Word of Life is a training centre that welcomes believers from all Church backgrounds. We stand on an evangelical-charismatic foundation, but do our very best to really make everyone to feel welcome and confortable.

The Bible is our textbook and the classes themselves are typically Bible studies. With a strong focus on God’s word we aim at covering important foundations in Theology throughout the school year. That, in combination with a practical “how to” approach, makes the school to be a disciple training environment that forms and lays a foundation for the rest of a persons life.

We want to train workers for the Kingdom and rejoices whenever we can send someone back to their home church, or wherever else the Lord lead’s them, knowing that they are stronger in God and better equipped to contribute in their Church. Over the years I have witnessed so many times how God has done a life changing work in the students.

We have two classes; both of them having the same topics and the same teachers, one of them are in Swedish and the other in English. Our lessons go from morning to noon five days a week.

It’s also possible to attend a third semester with in depth studies and a strong emphasis on missions. As a part of that we also send out all students on a team trip for a three-week period, typically somewhere in Asia.

I challenge you to step out, come to Bible school and get changed!

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