Öppen Bibel – Kanal 10

It’s such a privilege for us to have a Christian TV channel in Sweden! For the last five years I have been able to host a half-hour teaching programme in Swedish called “Öppen bibel”.

The programme comprises series on different biblical topics, but at the same time I try to make every episode as independent as possible. No section is made as a direct continuation from the previous one, although they may cover the same subject.

The opening programme is broadcast every Saturday, usually somewhere between 6-7 pm, and is followed by two repeats; one at 2 am and the other at 10 am Sunday morning. So if you attend Church at 11 am you can have a teaching session at home before going to Church!

Kanal 10 is available through Sirius satellite and some cable networks. Please see their website for more information! Kanal10.se

Every broadcast is sent live over the internet, so if you can’t access my programmes via satellite, you can always stream them in your Internet device. Unfortunately Kanal 10 doesn’t yet have any Play function where you can watch on demand, but they are working on it!

Kanal 10 has also recently extended their vision and opened Kanal 10 Asia in Chennai, India. It uses ABS-1 satellite and has coverage all the way from the Middle East to Korea, with an incredible four billion people as potential viewers! Kanal10asia.com

According to channel owner and visionary Börje Claesson, the aim is to broadcast programmes in the major languages spoken within the area. That will obviously take some time to build up, but the benefit is that many more people will be able to understand the programmes if they are in their native tongue.

I have started to produce an English version of Open Bible that is immediately interpreted into Urdu, but with other languages possibly to follow in the future. Very exciting! So keep an eye out for this!