Johnny Foglander

97. Jesus about prayer

What you think about God before you pray will determine what will happen when you pray. Jesus explains what to think and how to pray. Advertisements

90. Jesus-our Rabbi

The art of Jesus Christ’s teaching and living.

88.Jesus and his Kingdom

Why did the disciples misunderstand the concept of the Kingdom of God?

87. Jesus, our High Priest

The role of Jesus Christ as the High Priest and what it means for humanity.

86. God’s Shepherd

Why Jesus compares Himself to a shepherd?

85. The Servant of the Lord

  Why Jesus Christ was a servant?

84. Messiah is the Branch

Why Jesus Christ is the Branch?

83. Messiah-son of David

We are discussing why the title “Son of David” refers to Messiah.

82. Jesus is Lord

In this episode we are talking about Jesus Lordship.

81. Jesus example in ministry

Today we are talking about why and how Jesus did works of ministry as a human.

80. Jesus is true man

Today’s episode is about Emmanuel – Jesus Christ, a man with desires.