Johnny Foglander

84. Messiah is the Branch

Why Jesus Christ is the Branch? Advertisements

72. Sacrificial love

In this episode we will speak about God’s greatest love gift    

64. Equipping grace

We look into the grace of God operating with the purpose of serving others.

59. Fear of God

  In this episode we will discuss the fear of God, what it is and how it should make us to act.

58. God is pure

In this episode we will discuss God’s holiness and pureness as well as how the devil fights God.

57. God is holy

Today’s episode explains God’s existence and holiness as well why God is acting as He is.

56. The Believer’s judgement

Today’s episode explains how God will judge Christians.

55. Different judgements

In this episode we will discuss different kinds of judgements as well as how and why judgement takes place.