Johnny Foglander

97. Jesus about prayer

What you think about God before you pray will determine what will happen when you pray. Jesus explains what to think and how to pray. Advertisements

81. Jesus example in ministry

Today we are talking about why and how Jesus did works of ministry as a human.

74. Jesus – the Son

We will go now into the next major part within theology; Christology. We will speak about the person of Jesus and his ministry from many different angles. We are starting with describing how we can understand the term Jesus – the… Read More

73. God’s friends

  Today we speak about another dimension of God’s Love.

71. The Love commandment

We continue to speak about God’s love and how he showed us love in and through Jesus Christ.

70. Love is fruit

In this episode we will continue speak about God’s great love.

65. God is merciful

This episode intoduces the mercy of God.

62. Grace illustrated

This episode explains even deeper the grace of God.