Johnny Foglander

73. God’s friends

  Today we speak about another dimension of God’s Love. Advertisements

71. The Love commandment

We continue to speak about God’s love and how he showed us love in and through Jesus Christ.

70. Love is fruit

In this episode we will continue speak about God’s great love.

69. God is love

In this episode we will speak about God’s great love. .

68. God is faithful

In this episode we will begin discussing God’s faithfulness.

67. Jesus showed mercy

In this episode we look into how Jesus showed merciful nature of God.

66. Faithful mercy

Today we look into connection between mercy and faithfulness.

65. God is merciful

This episode intoduces the mercy of God.

64. Equipping grace

We look into the grace of God operating with the purpose of serving others.

63. To receive grace

We look into how you can open yourself and recive God’s grace.

62. Grace illustrated

This episode explains even deeper the grace of God.

61. God is gracious

This episode explains what the grace of God is and why He gives it.